Ella Xu

Ella earned two bachelor’s degrees in communication and administrative management from Northeast Forest College and Hei Long Jiang University respectively in 2002. She further finished Fordham Law School’s LLM advanced course in New York in the year 2013.

Before joining in our team, Ella was the manager of the Customer Service and Training Department in Huma Automobile Co., Ltd. As the company’s youngest manager, she was in charge of a team which had several hundred employees. Ella’s working experiences also includes: acting as a trainer in one of the biggest multinational automobile companies, Sime Darby Automobile Co., Ltd and as general manager’s assistant in Bo Yi Electric Co., Ltd.

Good communication skills, independent, inteligent and diligent personality make Ella an excellent communicator in business negotiations with foreign clients from America, Europe and Asia. Also, the experience of training lecturer enables her handily dealing with all of our customers’ complicated and professional problems, and her long-term cooperation with American and European clients in the last decade build a solid brige for domestic and overseas investors.

Her publications include: Multipoint Injection, Auto Salesmen and The Fourth Generation BOSCH Common Rail Of Diesel Engine, among other technical works relating to the auto industry. She is also a certified technician and trainer in several bus and truck applications, has been awarded the highest level of English competency possible in China and is also a senior member of the local automobile club. Ella is a native speaker of Mandarin and is fluent in English. She is the manager and Chinese representative of Sylvester&Associates.