How does Secured Sourcing work?

X + 5% is how it works, meaning, the cost of your goods plus 5% that’s it.

No trading companies, no brokers, no agents, no commissions and no more worrying about pushing ‘send’ when transferring  funds for your next outsourced purchase in China.  You remain in contact with the shop floor on your orders, and we merely facilitate communications.

We are not a trading company.  We act as local counsel to hundreds of companies from every corner of the world.  Now, after a decade of experience here on the ground, we are simply putting the lessons learned to work through Secured Sourcing.

A commercial relationship with Sylvester Associates Secured Sourcing is not a legal services agreement, but we do use the same staff, lawyers, translators, export agents and quality control personnel that we use when providing trustee based legal services to our other clients.

The purchaser remains responsible for all costs of funds issues, shipping costs and quality control matters, to avoid a conflict of interest on our trust duties to you.  We advise SGS or similar third party QC contractors and will help you establish a relationship, as requested.